XL 1800 Cargo Trailer

This cargo trailer can hold 24 cubic feet of storage. Our cargo trailers are designed to be extremely lightweight made of hand laid fiberglass. Hand laid fiberglass is woven fabric layered and soaked in polyester and epoxy resin. When cured it creates a very stiff, durable, and light weight material. The reinforcement is done by hand and checked for quality to ensure all sides are uniform.

This cargo trailer has a painted gelcoat exterior made of a resin composed of fiberglass. Gelcoat is great for movement as it allows for flexibility without the paint cracking. Gelcoat is a high-quality epoxy finish and comes in two standard colors black or white.

Standard Features

  • Gelcoat Colors in Black or White
  • Wiring Harness to connect to motorcycle or vehicle
  • 1 7/8″ Ball Coupler
  • 12″ Wheels
  • Jack Stand
  • Independent Torsion Axle


  • 210 lbs.
  • 20 lb. Tongue Weight
  • 90″ Total Length
  • 61″ Box Length
  • 37″ Towing Height
  • 42″ Width
  • 24 Cubic Feet of Cargo Capacity
  • Load Capacity = 290 lb.

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