Time Out Trailers - Barebones

The Time Out Deluxe

What Timeout Trailers Say About This Unit

Deluxe pop up camper trailer is the largest of all trailers we manufacture. Camper trailer sets up in about 3 minutes with one person. Tent is hand stitched and attached around extendable poles no assembly needed. To setup the trailer it folds open, poles slide and click into place with little effort. Tent pops into place around bottom of trailer frame. When packing up, the tent easily collapses and can be tightened down by straps compressing the space of the tent when stored inside the trailer.
This tow behind camper has plenty of storage space. There is exactly 23 cubic feet of storage space when tent is folded inside. So what can you store with 23 cubic feet? 4 carry-on luggage bags, 3 large luggage bags, air mattress, chair and table.

Time Out Campers

This lightweight camping trailer boast as little as 20 lbs. of tongue weight making it incredibly light to move by hand. Tow behind any small motorcycle or car. It’s lightweight design has little impact on MPG.

What’s the difference between the Time Out and Time Out Deluxe? The Deluxe has larger standard wheels. Larger body for more storage space and more standing space when the trailer is setup. The bed is also 4″ wider.
Time Out Trailers - Barebones
This is the ultimate lightweight Motorcycle Camper whether its for your Motorcycle or small car, built in America.
One of the first companies to build for Motorcycle Touring and Camping.
Custom color matching is available.
12″ Wheels Steel, Chrome, or Aluminum.
This Lightweight Motorcycle Camper is completely off the ground making it perfect for a Small Car or Motorcycle.
No worries about Critters when camping,
Has additional supports for those really heavy downpours just in case you might need them, Tinted windows for privacy, you see out but others cant see in.
Queen size bed Comes standard with Table and Chair.
Completely Carpeted.
Air conditioning Duct, for your Air Conditioner.
Zipper Access to your Cooler from inside the camper.
Torsion Bar suspension for a smooth ride.
Give us a Call 928-632-2206….I am not a salesman I am an information Specialist, no hard pressure, just honest answer’s
  • Queen Air Mattress
  • Wiring Harness to connect to motorcycle or car
  • 1 7/8″ Ball Coupler
  • Table – new butcher block folding table
  • Folding Chair
  • Tinted window screens
  • Standard 12″ wheels
  • 66 SF when setup